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Even in companies that plan their workload and staffing levels meticulously, people sometimes transfer to another department, go sick or leave the organisation etc. All these contingencies need to be catered for - which is where we can help.

As you'd expect, each job is different, but here are a few of the genuine requests we've managed to satisfy to date:

This call came in one Thursday, just before an August Bank Holiday:

"Can you send someone to our offices tomorrow, to be briefed on a Pharmacist
Worskshop which needs to be ready on Monday?"


A client from America called to tell us:

"We need a writer to go to the ICC this Saturday and cover the congress for us."


What is it about weekends? This was another end-of-week request:

"I need someone to write a review of migraine therapy, for a nursing readership, by Monday."


Even formal proceedings can have urgent deadlines:

"It's a 2 day meeting with 25 speakers and we need the proceedings in two weeks…"


As can pre-meeting materials:

"There are about 1200 abstracts and 250 posters that need to be indexed by author and we go to print the day after tomorrow."


Of course, not all jobs are so urgent (and we prefer it when they're not!) but enough of them are that we considered plagiarising the AA's advertising slogan: " our customers we're the [fifth] emergency service."

As for examples of the work we do, you won't be surprised to read that most of it is confidential, but click below to see a few examples:

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