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The Writers Bureau was established in 1995 to provide contract writing and editing services in the healthcare and scientific fields, together with creative and technical copywriting to the advertising and PR industry.  As well as serving major companies direct, we also sub-contract for agencies supplying services in these fields.

One minute there's not enough to keep everyone busy, the next minute there's far too much to do and a tight deadline looming. No matter how well you plan your workload sometimes there simply aren't enough people, or people with the right skills and experience, to get the job done - which is where The Writers Bureau can help. We will supply people to your specification and budget from our database of experienced writers, editors, production editors, meetings managers etc. For large jobs or small, just call freephone (UK) 0800 413 598 and we'll take the brief and get back to you quickly with a choice of people to help you, working at your own premises if required.

Now there is a real alternative to using large agencies unable to work economically on small jobs, or the hit-or-miss gamble of using an untried freelancer.

The agencies, meanwhile, can get off the treadmill whereby more work leads to higher headcount, increased costs, pressure on margins and the need for increased revenue just to stand still.

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